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LINA DWEIK is an eponymous fashion house on a mission to redefine modesty. Our goal is to bring out the lavish in you through clothing that makes you look and feel elegant. We want to create a community of women who celebrate beauty with clothing that is modest and elevated. 

LINA DWEIK is a luxury womenswear brand with an aim to fill the void of modest fashion that does not compromise on style or quality. These feminine silhouettes are contemporary, refined, and effortlessly chic. Gone are the days when women had to settle for outdated modest wear. With LINA DWEIK, women are brought together through a platform to explore their femininity through uplifting and innovative designs that blend modesty with the latest trends. 

Our Origin Story 

Our Founder, Lina Dweik, is a Memphis-based designer from Palestine. Lina’s muse is the world around us – the cultures that make us who we are. Drawing on this mix of cultures, Lina brings them together to create elegant and elevated garments designed for the modern woman.


Lina was inspired to launch her luxury fashion brand after struggling to find modest clothing that didn't compromise on quality. Her frustration with the industry inspired her to change it from within. Lina brought her ideas to life with elevated pieces that are universally flattering, uniting women across cultures and society. 

Our Vision 

At LINA DWEIK, our slogan is ‘modesty redefined'. We’re passionate about redefining what ‘modesty’ is through luxury garments and innovative designs. Modesty and luxury go hand-in-hand, with elevated staples that fit seamlessly into your closet. We’ve made it easy to curate a modesty closet that makes you feel empowered and elegant, all while making sure the design provides full coverage.  

Our vision of redefining modesty runs through every aspect of what we do. We’re not just about designing luxury clothes. Our purpose runs deeper than this. We want to create a community that looks beyond skin color, race, and faith to unite us all around a shared appreciation of luxury modest wear. 

LINA DWEIK creates clothing with no boundaries that open the world of modest fashion to every woman. The modest woman is bold, empowered, and free to express herself through her clothing. LINA DWEIK is a brand made for women by women.


Breaking Barriers for You 

Our mission is to break the barriers around modest dressing and make it accessible for all women, who wish to express themselves through luxury modest wear.  

We want to dispel the myth that modest dress is ‘outdated ’. Modest dressing is just as exciting as mainstream fashion. Our goal is to redefine the concept of modest dressing as a way of unlocking your inner-confidence, bringing together women of all backgrounds to appreciate the beauty of luxury modest fashion. 

Everything we do is for the community we’re building. LINA DWEIK is about empowering you.  


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